Nearly 200 Million DBCs Have Been Pledged In The First Election Of DBC’s Mainnet Public Test Phase II, So There Will A Second Wallet Verification Opportunity Opened

2 min readApr 17, 2021

On April 16th, DeepBrain Chain Public Test II and Supernode Election has officially launched. The public test phase II will last for one month, with 21 nodes in total. 21 nodes and voting supporters can jointly divide about 8.33 million testnet DBC tokens, which can be exchanged 1:1 for mainnet DBC tokens after the mainnet is officially launched.

According to the node election rules, the nodes will be automatically elected once every 24 hours, and the node verifier and the nominee only need to be ranked within 21 in terms of testnet tokens held by them to be elected as a supernode to get the block-producing right, and if they are ranked within 21 all the time, they can keep getting the block-producing reward.

Therefore, in addition to holding enough DBCs, it is more important for the node verifier to propose an attractive bonus ratio to attract nominees to vote.

The DBCs pledged by node verifiers and nominators for the first election are nearly 200 million DBCs, and it is believed that more DBCs will be pledged as more people participate in the voting and election.

In order to encourage more community members to participate in the voting, the Foundation decided to open another opportunity for interested members to participate in the voting, and each supernode can canvass in the community.

The process of DBC mainnet public test phase II and supernode election is as follow:

1. DBC tokens can be purchased from Huobi, gate, Kucoin and other exchanges, and then transferred to a DBC wallet. We recommend this wallet:;

2. Qualification: Similar to the public test phase I, candidates and community voters need to apply through e-mailing to verify their wallet account holdings, which must be a wallet address where the applicant have the private key; in addition, they need to generate a testnet wallet address on the testnet (, and submit the verification wallet address and the testnet wallet address to the official designated email address for receiving the official testnet DBC tokens. Wallet verification deadline: 23:59 Beijing time on April 19th, 2021;

3. Issuance of testnet DBC tokens: On April 20th, the Foundation will issue equal amount of testnet tokens according to the holdings in the wallet addresses of the candidates and community voters who have passed the verification.

4. From April 21st, community voters can vote for the candidate node they like, once every 24 hours; community voters and supernodes share the block-producing revenue according to the rules.

5. Any questions please email: service




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