[Important Notice] DBC holders📢 please deposit DBC (Neo) into Gate.io exchange as soon as possible and switch it to mainnet DBC

Dear DBC holders:

At present, Huobi Exchange has completed the mainnet token swap of DBC. The DBC (Neo) that has been deposited on Huobi Exchange has been automatically swapped to the mainnet DBC and no longer accepts DBC (Neo) deposits.

Users who currently hold DBC (Neo) and save them in wallets should first deposit DBC (Neo) into Gate.io and switch them to the mainnet DBC. After the swap is complete, you can deposit the mainnet DBC into your wallet.

If you are very unwilling to use the Gate.io exchange, you can deposit DBC (Neo) into the Kucoin exchange as soon as possible.

⚠️Note: The token swap channel of Gate.io exchange will be closed after 3 months. We strongly recommend that you complete the token conversion as soon as possible to ensure asset safety.

⚠️When Gate.io, Huobi, Kucoin, Coindcx,and BitBNS have completed the mainnet token swap, DBC (Neo) will no longer be in circulation! Please pay attention to it and complete the swap as soon as possible.