Guide: How to transfer DBC(Neo) to DBC( ERC20)

Currently, the Gate. IO exchange supports the DBC( ERC20). Users who own the DBC(Neo) can deposit DBC(Neo) to the Gate. io exchange and then withdraw from the exchange to IMToken wallet.

Detailed steps:

1.Add an ETH wallet and obtain the address (you can download the App from the imtoken official website ).
If there is no DBC on the home page of your wallet, you can click the plus sign ➕ to search for [DBC] and add it to the home page.

2. Register an account on the exchange and get the DBC(Neo) deposit address.
First, register an account on the exchange (official website address, and follow the guidance of the exchange website to complete the mobile phone binding and real-name authentication. Find the [Wallet-Deposit], select the coin [DBC], and select the chain [Neo], get a deposit address.

3. Go to the exchange or wallet where you currently deposit DBC(Neo), and withdraw DBC(Neo) to exchange.
Here we take the Huobi app as an example. After selecting [Withdrawa], select the coin [DBC], fill in the [Withdrawal Address] with the Neo deposit address we got in step 2, and fill in the amount you want to withdraw. Submit and wait for the exchange to process.

The process of other exchanges and wallets are similar. For details, please refer to their user guide. The point is that the withdrawal address is the deposit address we got in the previous step.

4. Back to and complete the process in the [Wallet-Withdraw] .
Select [To address], select coin code[DBC], chain name [ETH/ERC20], and fill in the [address] with the ETH wallet address we got in step 1. After completing the password, SMS, and email verification of this interface, submit the withdrawal application and wait for the exchange to process it.

You can see the status of your application in [Recent Withdrawals].



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