DeepBrainChain’s Transformative Seven-Year Journey: Innovation, Adjustments, and a Promising Future

3 min readOct 30, 2023


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As we stand on the threshold of DeepBrainChain’s (DBC) seventh year, we take a moment to reflect on our journey — a remarkable voyage that’s navigated through two bull markets and two bear markets. This momentous occasion is not only a testament to our resilience but an opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to the entire DBC community. Your unwavering support and trust have been our guiding light through the changing tides of the crypto world.

A Note on Adjustments and Progress

In our quest to continuously improve and grow, the DBC Foundation made some strategic adjustments to the distribution and utilization of the remaining 1.5 billion DBC tokens. Initially, these tokens were intended to be allocated to the foundation within a span of six years. However, we recognized the importance of community governance and allocated 51% of these tokens to the board of directors, empowering them to steer the project’s direction. The remaining 49% was dedicated to the foundation for research and development, ensuring long-term sustainability. Furthermore, we extended the unlocking period from six to fifteen years, reinforcing our commitment to the long-term success of DBC.

The DBC treasury is now home to over 110 million DBC tokens, with an additional 500 million DBC tokens held by the Council. This treasury is a valuable resource, available to the community for various marketing and promotional activities. With a simple majority vote from the Council (21 out of 34 members, with at least 13 approvals), community members can access these funds. We firmly believe that DBC is a collective effort, and this resource is a testament to our commitment to community promotion.

If you’re interested in applying for these funds, you can do so through the official application address: DBC Treasury Application. Detailed information on the application process can be found here: Application Process.

Driving Technological Advancements and Adoption

In the current phase of DBC journey, our primary focus at the DBC Foundation is product and technology development. We’re committed to expanding our product markets, providing robust underlying technology, and supporting developers in creating products that cater to the needs of our customers.

Our goal is clear — we aim to ensure that our products are ready for large-scale use before the next bull market arrives. By achieving this, we’ll be in a prime position to facilitate widespread DBC token usage and foster substantial token destruction, further enhancing DBC’s value during the bull market.

The Dawn of Technological Application

The DBC Foundation has been tirelessly developing products for over six years. This commitment to innovation has culminated in significant advancements. The journey of discovery and technological implementation has been marked by its challenges, but the fruits of this labor are now on the horizon.

We stand at a pivotal moment where the comprehensive application of our technology is becoming a reality. As we focus on the mass adoption of our products, the coming months will witness the tangible results of our dedication and hard work.

Empowering Community Engagement

To ensure that the DBC community has an active role in the project’s marketing and publicity, we want to reiterate that the foundation does not have the authority to utilize funds from the board of directors. This emphasizes the importance of community engagement and participation in these critical aspects of the project.

If you’re passionate about DBC marketing and publicity, we encourage you to take the initiative. You can propose and apply for funds by creating a detailed marketing plan. Your actions can shape the future of DBC’s promotion, and we believe in the power of community-driven initiatives.

As we embark on this significant juncture in DBC journey, we’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. Together, as a united and vibrant community, we will continue to pioneer blockchain and AI solutions. With a renewed commitment to long-term sustainability and community empowerment, we look forward to the next phase of our journey. The future of DBC is brighter and more promising than ever before.




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