DeepBrain Chains mainnet test phase 2 activation and supernodes election instructions

1.DBC主网公测阶段二基础门槛500万 dbc ,共选出21个超级节点,每个节点可以获得39.6万dbc 奖励;所有社区成员都可以通过发送邮件到service@deepbrainchain.org申请获取测试网dbc ,收到的测试网dbc 数量和验证钱包dbc 数量一致;利用测试网dbc 就可以参与主网公测阶段二的选举,也可以用来支持其他验证人节点。主网公测阶段二超级节点选举验证截止到北京时间4月11号23点59分;超级节点选举开始时间为北京时间4月15号0点起。

1.Threshold for mainnet public test phase 2 is 5million DBC, 21 nodes will be elected, each node can earn 396,000 DBC reward. All community members can apply via sending an email to, you can apply for testnet DBC, testnet DBC you receive is equal to verification wallet DBC. You can then use testnet DBC to participate in the phase 2 election, or to support other’s participation in the election. The verification of the phase 2 election ends April 11th 23:59 Beijing time. The supernodes election starting time is hour 00:00 on April 15th;

2. 主网公测阶段二的节点是否还有积分排名的要求还是只看投票?


2. In public test phase 2, for the supernodes election, is it solely based on voting or is ranking taken into account?

Whether you can successfully be elected in public test phase 2 depends on the total number of DBCs pledged by the candidate nodes and their supporters, and the current plan is that the node(s) will need to rank in the top 21.

3. 可以自己给自己投票吗?

可以的,阶段二只看被验证的DBC 持仓量,验证的dbc越多,测试dbc就越多,就越可能被选上

3. Can I vote for myself?

Yes, phase 2 only takes into account the verified DBC positions.

4. 验仓够500万就有资格参加还是需要进行排名?

验仓够500万只是基础门槛,最终能否被入选还是要看总的被验证持仓量。目前来看是每年21个节点分享1亿DBC ,也就是每个节点将近476万,年化收益95.23%;

4.Do I only need to have 5 million DBC verified to be qualified as a supernode or do I also need to be ranked a certain position?

No. The threshold of 5 million verified DBCs is only the basic threshold, but the final selection depends on the total verified DBC amount. At present, 21 nodes share 100 million DBC per year, that is, each node gets nearly 4.76 million DBC, with an annualized return of 95.23%。

5. 主网公测阶段二超级节点怎么产生?

在主网公测阶段一运行期间,通过 选举产生,阶段二的出块奖励可以1:1兑换成正式网的DBC。

  • Mainnet public test phase 2 supernode generating rules:

During the mainnet public test phase 1, it is generated through election at, and the block reward of phase 2 can also be exchanged at a 1:1 ratio for the official mainnet DBC token.

6. 正式网超级节点数量多少,什么时候开始选举?出块奖励是多少?


6.The number of supernodes in the official mainnet, election time and block rewards are explained:

The maximum number of official mainnet supernodes is 21 within 3 months after the launch, and 10 will be added every quarter afterwards; there is no limit to the number of supernodes that can owned by each participant. The first time the mainnet is launched, 21 super nodes will be provided by the Foundation. And the election will start after the mainnet is officially launched in May 2021 and will last for 2 weeks. The 18 nodes resulting from the election will become supernodes, and the Foundation retains 3 nodes. Until the mainnet runs smoothly for 12 months, all Foundation nodes will be withdrawn. The annual block generating reward for the first 3 years is 100 million DBC, which will be shared equally by all super nodes.

7. 正式网超级节点的支持者可以获得多少DBC奖励?

每个超级节点在选举初期会设置自身的奖励比例,以及分配支持者的奖励比例。比如设置为10%,如果某个超级节点总奖励是100万DBC,则首先超级节点运营者可以获得10万DBC,剩下的DBC根据超级节点运营者和支持者质押的DBC比例进行分配。比如超级节点运营者质押7000万DBC,支持者质押 2000万DBC,则按照7:2 进行分配,分别是70万DBC和 20万DBC。

7.How much DBC reward can the nominator (supporter) of the official mainnet super ode get?

Each supernode will set its own reward percentage at the beginning of the election, as well as the reward percentage for its supporter(s). For example, if the total reward of a supernode is 10 million DBC, the supernode operator can get 100 million DBC, and the remaining DBC will be distributed according to the ratio of DBC pledged by the supernode operator and supporters, for example, if the supernode operator pledges 70 million DBC and the supporter(s) pledge 20 million DBC, then it will be distributed according to the ratio of 7:2. The distribution is 7 million DBC and 2 million DBC respectively.

8. 正式网超级节点选举参与门槛是?






8.What is the requirement(s) for participating in the official mainnet supernode election?

1. At least 5 million DBC is required

2. Support community development and actively contribute

3. Certain resources (technology, media, investors, industry customers) are preferred

4. Willing to actively participate in community governance: proposal, voting, supervision, etc.

5. Others


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DeepBrain Chain-building the most important computing infrastructure in the era of AI + Metaverse