DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #99 10.16–10.31

  • GPU virtual machine related function interface improvement;
  • ‘’My audit list’’ interface perfection and data caching function perfection;
  • Added development history and bulletin board functions to the mainnet;
  • Deployed node execution scripts to the server, storing data and setting up timed tasks on the server;
  • Development work on bulk rental virtual machine interface completed;
  • Development of transfer and query account balance functions completed;
  • Development of order status modification interface completed;
  • The development of the automatic refund interface is completed. If the user does not confirm the rental within thirty minutes or fails to create a virtual machine, the account funds are returned.
  • Modified the version number issue of the installation directory and synchronizing the modification of the packaging and installation upgrade scripts;
  • Put the operation of virtual machines into threads, so that the virtual machine status can also be queried when it is created;
  • Resolved the bug that the virtual machine status is incorrect;
  • Added the interface to get seed nodes, users can configure other node addresses in their own configuration files to make the system more stable;
  • Optimized dbc system version number management, modifying the installation and update scripts so that multiple client nodes can be deployed on the same machine;
  • Using timers to detect and automatically pull up dbc programs;
  • Fixed the limitation of bandwidth in task NIC configuration;
  • Refactored the code to complete the online module and delaying the execution when reporting module penalties, allowing the punished person to make representations before the final execution, and the logic to cancel the penalty after the committee review;
  • Fixed the problem that in some special cases when the machine is offline, the machine score is recorded incorrectly, allowing multiple offlines in a day;
  • Fixed the problem that when the machine is offline (due to reporting/proactively offline) at the end of the lease, the reason for punishment is incorrect after going online again;
  • Added a variety of functional test cases;
  • Progress of Galaxy Race:
  • Actively expanding business resources in Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and other places, joint many famous communities to start airdrop, at present Twitter fans exceed 50,000 people, Telegram community fans exceed 30,000 people;
  • Two AMA will be held in November with well-known crypto communities, and the schedule are confirmed as follows:
  • According to data on the blockchain, the number of pledged DBCs on the mainnet reached 458.545 million, as detailed at
  • Galaxy Race pre-mainnet computing power grows to 265,826 C, with 1,200+ GPUs and 99%+ occupancy rate;
  • Computing power mainnet security audit pre-mainnet is about to be completed and the countdown to the mainnet starts;
  • DBC’s new phase of computing power development publicity roadmap is released, overseas computing power development offline activities are in preparation, online promotion has been initiated;
  • The first settlement of DBC pre-mainnet rewards is completed, and the public test rewards are continuously released;
  • Steady growth of DBC computing power on the application-side market with 1,000+ new user orders on the user-side;



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