DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #98 10.01–10.15

Dear DeepBrain Chain community members,

Please see below for the latest update on the project.

I. Product Development Progress

Cloud Platform & Wallet Front-end:

  • My GPU virtual machine page perfection, new renewal interface;

Cloud platform Website backend:

  • Machine creation of virtual machines generating virtual machine IDs and saving them;

Distributed Computing Network:

  • Close the task after the user’s rental machine expires, and the task will be retained for 10 days, and the task will be deleted after 10 days without renewal;

DeepBrain Chain Mainnet:

  • Refactored the code, completed the on-line module, delayed the execution when the reporting module is punished, allowing the punished person to make representations before the final execution, and canceling the logic of punishment after the committee review;

II. Marketing Progress

  • Progress of Galaxy Race:

DeepBrain Chain Galaxy Race pre-mainnet is in progress, as of October 15th, Beijing time, the latest on-chain data: a total of 15 computing power pools participated, providing 1,116 GPUs, the total computing power value reached 251,910.18, these GPUs pledged a total of 111,832,000DBC, GPU rental rate reached 99.73%, the accumulated rental income earned reached 31 ,877,134DBC, and network GPU server assets is over RMB 40 million. For more details, see the official website;

  • DBC Council’s first proposal award distribution:

The first successful proposal of the DBC community autonomy pilot phase has been generated by the DBC Council’s on-chain voting, and the requested 1 million DBC funding has been released. The proposal is from Tianyi Cloud, and the funds will be used to subsidize the R&D team of Tianyi Cloud’s computing pool to better serve the DBC ecosystem. (For proposal details, please see:

During the trial period of DBC community autonomy (September-December 2021), the Foundation will allocate 2 million DBC per month to the Board of Directors for management. The Foundation will be responsible for allocating the funds after the Council adopts the proposal. The proposal and the requested funds should be used to support DBC’s ecosystem construction, specifically: infrastructure deployment and continuous operation, network security operation (monitoring service, continuous audit), ecosystem support (cooperation with friendly chain), marketing activities (advertising, payment, cooperation), community activities and outreach activities, software development, etc. We welcome your proposals! (Please see for how to submit a proposal)

  • DeepBrain Chain will fully expand overseas markets from November, such as Korea, Singapore, Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, etc. DeepBrain Chain will increase its overseas expansion and promote the project by cooperating with famous overseas media and KOLs;

III. Ecosystem Building

  • The computing power of Galaxy Race’s pre-mainnet has grown to 251,910 C, the number of GPUs is 1,100+, the occupancy rate is more than 99%, and the technical joining up of each computing pool is maturing;

Contact information for joining the network:

E-mail: or

WeChat:DeepBrainChain or DBC-Leo

Telegram:18221230521 or 13681709317

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About DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain is the world’s first AI computing network powered by blockchain technology.

Our Mission: To connect global computing power, build a distributed high-performance computing power network, and construct computing power infrastructure for the era of 5G +AI.

Our Vision: Become the world’s largest computing network.

DeepBrain Chain’s computing power network can help AI practitioners/enterprises/universities/research institutions, cloud gaming, rendering, blockchain and other users to save on computing power cost, improve computing efficiency and enhance product experience.

Yours sincerely,

The DeepBrain Chain Team



DeepBrain Chain-building the most important computing infrastructure in the era of AI + Metaverse

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DeepBrain Chain-building the most important computing infrastructure in the era of AI + Metaverse