DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #95 08.16–08.31

4 min readSep 8, 2021

Dear DeepBrain Chain community members,

Please see below for the latest update on the project.

I. Product Development Progress

Cloud Platform & Wallet Front-end:

  • Validator validation machine interface optimization, error reporting judgment returns to null; machine corresponding to the validator interface updated;
  • Mailbox notification verifier submits hash, submits original value, launching online notification if machine verification is successful , machine original information interface, chain information interface;
  • Verification time conversion, the chain to obtain the block height and timestamp, to get the time period that the verifier can verify;
  • Mailbox e-mail sending test for validator function to avoid duplicate sending;

Cloud platform Website backend:

  • The Galaxy Race Public Test II interface adjustment;
  • Modification of the Galaxy Race Public Test II page;
  • Completed the audit machine-my order machine list page function, interface joining up;
  • Development of node signature mechanism based on Node js;

Distributed Computing Network:

  • Streamlined the DBC client end program’s request process to improve the speed of requests;
  • Improved task-related interface communication content, now fully encrypted to improve security;
  • Solved the problem of not being able to install the graphics card driver of NVIDIA 470 or below in the virtual machine;
  • Continuous optimization and improvement of the DBC functional-end node system;

DeepBrain Chain Mainnet:

  • Modified pledging logic, transfer user pledges to reserved instead of locked to avoid failure due to multiple lock penalties;
  • Fixed the error of pledge exceeding free_balance, added machine on-line test, fix the problem of non-refundable pledge in some cases, fix the committee exit logic;
  • Added penalty/technical committee cancellation penalty logic, added delayed execution penalty, added Event information.
  • Added tests for different submission scenarios for the machine uptime committee, fixing the problem of non-refundable pledges in some cases;

II. Marketing Progress

  • DeepBrain Chain’s Galaxy Race Public Test II went smoothly, as of August 31 Beijing time, the latest chain data is: 19 computing power pools participated, providing 1,112 GPUs, the total computing value reached 185,293.61, these GPUs pledged a total of 112,635,000 DBC, the GPU rental rate reached 61.24%, and the accumulated rental income earned reached 10, 988,382 DBC, and the total network GPU server asset is over 40 million RMB. For more details, please refer to the official website:;
  • The well-known exchange Huobi has completed the switch of DBC’s mainnet token, and is no longer accepting the original DBC (NEO) deposit.;
  • DBC mainnet is running stably, and the total amount of pledged DBC mainnet coins is 407.118 million at present. After Huobi exchange completes the mainnet token switch, the number of DBCs pledged to participate in supernode election and voting will further increase;
  • The preparation work related to the trial run of DeepBrain Chain Council is basically completed, and the trial run of the Council will be launched in September, everyone is welcome to actively participate in the election of Council members and make proposals; the DBCs that have been pledged in the supernode election and voting can also be used for the governance of the Council;

III. Ecosystem Building

  • The second phase of the public test of the Galaxy Race is successfully underway, with the network’s computing power exceeding 180,000 and more than 1,100 GPUs in the network and continuing to grow;
  • The DBC computing network computing value model update was completed and fully implemented;
  • The mapping of the mainnet tokens on Huobi platform has been completed, and the countdown for the closure of the conversion access of DBC(neo) tokens has started;
  • The DBC computing power China Tour will be launched soon. The first offline event was held in Shenzhen on September 4th.
  • The first increase of DBC mainnet supernodes is about to take place.

Contact information for joining the network:

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Telegram:18221230521 or 13681709317

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