DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #94 08.01–08.15

4 min readAug 19, 2021

Dear DeepBrain Chain community members,

Please see below for the latest update on the project.

I. Product Development Progress

Cloud Platform & Wallet Front-end:

  • Galaxy Race pagination loading bug fixed;
  • Computing power details page function perfected;
  • Auditing machines: machine allocation listing page’s functions completed and interface joined up;
  • Auditing machines: machine order grabbing listing page functions completed and interface joined up;

Cloud platform Website backend:

  • Updated the list of machines corresponding to the name of the GPU power provider;
  • Verifier verify machine encryption processing, generate signature binding machine_id for ture when submitting verification information through the wallet address;
  • Prevented the verifier from repeatedly submitting the interface;
  • Order grabbing and machine allocation list to submit the original validation result interface and return to the front-end to obtain the validation result hash value;

Distributed Computing Network:

  • Updated client and functional node communication protocols, added signature and encryption functions to ensure the security of sensitive information between different users;
  • Optimized the existing DBC program and fixed some of the problems found in the process (such as deleting wallet addresses in the configuration, optimization of detection tool functions, etc.);

DeepBrain Chain Mainnet:

  • Repaired some logic errors, chain state export and chain upgrade, machine audit on the chain, added custom RPC;
  • Rewrote the punishment logic, splitting the punishment to different modules, modified it so that the rewards released linearly is the capital for the machine pledge punishment;
  • Modification of the committee/reporter/machine pledge logic, new logic allowing additional pledges to be added and additional pledges to be replenished when the pledges being used reach a certain percentage;

II. Marketing Progress

  • DeepBrain Chain Galaxy Race public test one went smoothly; as of August 15, Beijing time, the latest chain data: a total of 25 computing power pools participated, provided 416 GPUs, the total computing power value reached 36,142.09, these GPUs pledged a total of 46,000,000 DBC, the GPU rental rate reached 96.87%, and the accumulated rental income earned reached 8,517, 405 DBC. See the official website for details: ;
  • Well-known exchange Huobi issued an announcement to support DeepBrain Chain’s mainnet token switch; in addition, DeepBrain Chain was listed on decentralized exchange ZKSwap, and both sides will jointly do some marketing activities;
  • DBC mainnet is running stably, the total amount of pledged DBCs is 404.79 million at present, and it is expected that after Huobi exchange opens the mainnet token switch, the number of DBCs pledged to participate in the supernode election and voting will further increase;
  • The Foundation launched a community-driven campaign at the beginning of the month, with the official twitter/telegram seeing more than 1,200 new followers;

III. Ecosystem Building

  • The first phase of the Galaxy Race public test is nearing its end, thanks to all the co-builders who actively participated in the construction of the computing network, the GPUs involved in the first phase of the public test have 7 different models, a total of 429 GPUs, with a comprehensive occupancy rate of more than 90%, the second phase of the public test will start at 00:00 on August 18;
  • Further optimizing the technical process in combination with the problems that emerged in the first phase of the public test, optimizing the computing server configuration requirements, so that more diversified configurations of devices can join the computing network, the specific configuration requirements and computing power value calculation model will be online simultaneously with the public test two;
  • The mapping of the mainnet coins on Huobi is officially launched, and the token switch can be completed on Huobi once the mapping is completed, after which it will be more convenient to participate in supernode voting and computing server pledging;
  • The first batch of NFT in DeepBrain Chain ecosystem will be launched on the Binance NFT platform during the second part of the public test, and the first batch will be issued by RAN Pool, and the issuance channels of more computing power pools will be opened later;
  • The marketing campaign of DBC computing pool will be expanded in late August and September, each participating computing pool can apply for support from the DBC official.

Contact information for joining the network:

E-mail: or

WeChat:DeepBrainChain or DBC-Leo

Telegram:18221230521 or 13681709317

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DeepBrain Chain is the world’s first AI computing network powered by blockchain technology.

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