DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #91 06.16–06.30

4 min readJul 6, 2021


Dear DeepBrain Chain community members,

Please see below for the latest update on the project.

I. Product Development Progress

Cloud Platform & Wallet Front-end:

  • Implementation and validation of the function of adding signatures to the corresponding information;
  • Implementation and validation of the function of generating hash values for interaction with the chain;
  • Interaction with the API on the chain and validation of the interface call methods;
  • Data access to the Galaxy Race page;
  • Adding the English version of the Galaxy Race page;
  • New rotating banner board on the DBC website, adding navigation links to the Galaxy Race page;
  • Modification of the wallet function module;
  • Adding a new computing power map function;
  • Adjusting the display size of the main site page;

Cloud platform Website backend:

  • Develop the function of getting the list of machines to be verified, get the machines that can be verified by machine ID, and save the verifier corresponding to each machine separately;
  • Automatically obtain the verification time of the verifier at regular intervals, get the corresponding verification time according to the verification committee and machine ID, save it to the database, and do regular email notifications;
  • Developing computing network to obtain machine parameter information function and provide query interface to the front-end;
  • Developing the GPU model interface function to give the front-end query interface;

Distributed Computing Network:

  • Rewrote the server-side task scheduling interface, including: task creation, start, stop, restart, get node list, etc., as well as the format of the thrift communication protocol and the database for functional nodes to store tasks;
  • Replaced the cryptographic algorithm library in dbc code with that of substrate, including: generation and verification of machine id, session_id, task_id of functional nodes, signature and verification of signature, etc.;
  • Updated and optimized documentation such as DBC getting on chain;
  • Solved and collected problems encountered in the process of deploying computing nodes by computing power pools and computing power providers;
  • Modified the node_info script and improved the machine parameter reading scheme;
  • Optimized the bandwidth testing scheme;

DeepBrain Chain Mainnet:

  • Build tools to test on-chain functions. Implementing the use of tools to query the data on the chain and send online transactions;
  • Repairing the problems encountered in the process of putting machines online, realizing the process of putting machines online, renting, distributing rewards and receiving rewards;
  • Modifying the machine signature logic: from the machine account signature to confirm the funding account to the control account to submit the machine signature;
  • Modifying the use of pubkey as machine ID;
  • Merging the reporting of different types of logic into the same module;
  • Made the change to use the committee to submit machine information instead of obtaining it off chain;
  • Modifying the use of the same set of committees for machine go-live auditing and machine failure report auditing;
  • Added RPC interfaces and updating documentation;

II. Marketing Progress

  • Accumulated more than 18,600 AI users in the DBC network as of 24:00 June 30, 2021 Beijing time, continuing steady growth;
  • Determined the process related to the election, voting and proposal of the DeepBrain Chain Council, and start to produce the tutorial video for these steps, and the Council is expected to start trial operation from July;
  • The DBC mainnet is running stably, the total amount of pledged DBCs exceeds 357 million, and the total pledged amount (verifiers and voters) for the threshold of supernode election exceeds 16 million DBCs, and it is expected that the number of pledged DBCs for supernode election and voting will further increase after exchanges opens the mainnet token switch; The DBC mainnet coin is now live on the Gate exchange (, and token switching can be initiated. huobi/kucoin is expected to start token switching in August.
  • Proceeded to make the first batch of NFT tokens, a total of 32 people have been awarded so far, which will be distributed to community members in the near future, and everyone is also welcome to actively contribute to the community, and can subsequently apply to the Council for the NFT tokens;
  • The data page of the Galaxy Race’s public test is launched on the official website, countdown officially starts, everyone is welcome to actively participate;

III. Ecosystem Building

  • A total of 800 GPUs of 3070 model added to the network;
  • Clarifying that the start of the public test of the DeepBrain Chain Computing Race will be July 18th, 2021;
  • DeepBrain Chain computing network internal test has been activated, the machines can already participate in the internal test;
  • Distributed computing global industry alliance (DeepBrain Cchain co-sponsored) in preparation;
  • The technical joining up of the computing pool is in progress;
  • The DBC pledge volume of mainnet supernode is close to 400 million and in stable operation;

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