DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #90 06.01–06.15

4 min readJun 16, 2021

Dear DeepBrain Chain community members,

Please see below for the latest update on the project.

I. Product Development Progress

Cloud Platform & Wallet Front-end:

  • New wallet function creation, download, transaction and transaction record inquiry;
  • Galaxy Race page adjustment and preparation of the English version;
  • New wallet corresponding function template interface replacement, such as binding e-mail address, purchase machine etc,;
  • Optimization of the page to determine the basis of the old and new wallets, stored in localstorage as well as the wallet pair field, and cleared when closing the wallet;
  • Modify the dbchain main page, add the head navigation bar, rectify the bottom of the page icon display incomplete problem;
  • On-chain information interaction processing: publicKey and secreKey generated by the nominator’s public key, publicKey1 and secreKey1 generated by the verifier’s public key, the nominator sends a message through secreKey+publicKey1+message+nonce to generate a new sealed to the verifier, verifier parses the message through secreKey1+publicKey+sealed+nonce and verifies the machine after getting the corresponding information;

Cloud platform Website backend:

  • Developing the function of querying the number of pledged DBC needed by graphics cards and querying dispatch information at regular intervals;
  • Developing the function of querying the machine information and reporters’ orders on the chain at regular intervals;
  • Development of multiple on-chain data interfaces, encapsulated into sdk packages via java;
  • Developing the back-end mainnet wallet creation and transfer function of the cloud platform, compatible with the old DBC and mainnet DBC wallets;

Distributed Computing Network:

  • Collating communication protocols for existing requests in client nodes (create, start, restart, stop, node list, task list) and testing the request format and execution flow of each request;
  • Testing the use of elliptic curve algorithm for signature and encryption and decryption of messages in the current DBC program;
  • Optimizing the structure of DBC code and dividing it into modules: client requests, computing node requests, peer node information exchange module, generic module, etc..;

DeepBrain Chain Mainnet:

  • Modify the logic of the Council submitting consent to upload machine information to the chain, with a majority passing the information will be submitted to the chain and a penalization otherwise;
  • Split machine information to be modified by users and the Council respectively. Allowing users to modify some machine information and allowing users to submit custom machine information multiple times;
  • Fixing technical issues with token exchanges to complete substrate-api-sidecar deployment and offline transaction implementation;
  • Re-implementing the Council handling the user report module function, completing the penalty functions for when various failures in the process of order grabbing and processing by the Council occurred due to reporting failure, and the penalties will be automatically enforced 48 hours after the occurrence;
  • Adding the definition of global transaction fees, the fees are automatically sent to the treasury;

II. Marketing Progress

  • Accumulated more than 18,520 AI users in the DBC network as of June 15th, 2021 at 24:00 BST, continuing a steady growth;
  • With the DBC mainnet online and stably operating, promoting decentralized on-chain governance has become the next focus of the Foundation, and after thorough consideration and discussion, we decided to establish the DeepBrain Chain Council. DeepBrain Chain Foundation and DeepBrain Chain Council will be two independent organizations with no affiliation to jointly serve the DeepBrain Chain ecosystem and promote the development of DeepBrain Chain;
  • The mainnet of DBC is running stably, the total amount of pledged DBC is over 300 million, and the total pledged amount of supernode election threshold (verifier and voter) is over 11 million DBC, it is expected that after the exchange opens the mainnet token switch, the amount of DBC pledged for supernode election and voting will be further increased; at present, we are actively communicating with huobi/kucoin/ and other exchanges, and will announce the latest progress as soon as possible;
  • preparing for June’s AMA, Chinese community AMA time: June 18th, 9pm-11pm BST; English community AMA time: June 19th, 9pm-11pm BST.
  • Well-known blockchain media 8btc included DeepBrain Chain in the list of Polka ecosystem projects, and most of the others are popular projects participating in the Parachain slot auction.

III. Ecosystem Building

  • The release of the revised version of the Computing Power Development Plan (version 6.1);
  • Notice of the establishment of the DeepBrain Chain Council released to the community;
  • 500+ new orders on the demand side of DBC computing power;
  • Deployment and testing of computing power nodes of the computing power pool continued;
  • Computing pool and hardware suppliers and IDC data center resources joining up smoothly in progress;
  • The counting of the number of networked devices in the computing pool are in progress;
  • The mainnet supernode pledge volume is close to 300 million and is running stably.

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