DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #89 05.16–05.31

  • Continuing internal test of the dbchain cloud platform testnet DBC wallet function, once the mainnet launches dbchain will support the main net wallet;
  • Carry out the verification process design and interaction page design, development and testing of the verifier;
  • Carry out the development and optimization testing of the Galaxy Race data display function;
  • Continue to develop the back-end of the testnet cloud platform for wallet creation and transfer functions;
  • Optimization of the back-end functions of the open source mining pool platform;
  • Cloud platform virtual machine related function development;
  • java code development for the on-chain leased GPU virtual machine;
  • On-chain interaction interface for nodejs for java code conversion;
  • Adding to the c++ code to automatically configure port forwarding when creating virtual machines;
  • Continuing to optimize the load performance of computing networks;
  • Adding to the c++ code the ability to generate and set virtual machine passwords from the host;
  • Create and optimize disk images, and jointly solve and optimize the problems that may occur during the creation of virtual machines, and modify user password changes during the creation process with C++ development;
  • Virtual disk images with built-in partial testing tools and three sizes of disk images configured according to the size of the data disk;
  • Optimization of the deployment documentation, further detailed optimization and modification of the documentation according to the problems arising during the deployment of the mining pool software;
  • Implementing the mainnet and issuing test phase rewards according to statistics;
  • Docking “Galaxy Race” page API, realizing rpc to get and return the data on the chain;
  • Improve the online reward logic and modify the logic of calculating the number of pledges on the chain;
  • Improve the process of binding machines, including the committee to submit verification machine information, ocw to obtain and modify the chain storage and other logic;
  • Optimizing the data structure on the chain, storing pledge information according to machine statistics, etc;
  • Repairing the problem of submitting information on the chain after dispatching and review;
  • Designing on-chain rental function;
  • Accumulated more than 18,400 AI users in the DBC network as of May 31st, 2021 at 24:00 BST, continuing a steady growth;
  • The DBC mainnet was successfully launched on May 20th, Beijing time, the supernodes are now running normally, the current number of pledged DBCs is nearly 200 million, and it is expected that the number of pledged DBCs in the supernodes will further increase after the exchange opens the token switch.
  • The “2021 Blockchain Digital Economy Industry Conference and Distributed Storage Forum” held in Shanghai on May 20th was successfully concluded, with He Yong, founder of DeepBrain Chain, giving a keynote speech and receiving an exclusive interview by blockchain media
  • DBC mainnet launch was successfully held on May 25th, 2–4pm Beijing time. He Yong, founder of DeepBrain Chain, Zhou Yu, co-founder of DeepBrain Chain, Jiang Hongquan, partner of Bosch Ventures, Hu Tangjun, partner of Gobi Ventures, Xie Weifeng, founder of Chainpion (, Tang Chongtao, founder of ITI Mining, Sun Juntao, founder of Wukong Cloud, Deng Bowen, CEO of, Chen Xin, co-founder of Quantum Computing Co., and others discussed the new ecosystem of computing power together online.
  • Cooperating with many famous media in the industry to promote the mainnet launch and the Galaxy Race to continuously expand DBC’s popularity and influence.
  • With the official launch of the DBC mainnet, the next step will be to open the on-chain governance, fully utilizing the advantages of Polka in community governance. In June, we will start planning to establish the DeepBrain Chain Council, whose members will be elected by the community and will be responsible for the approval of the DeepBrain Chain treasury budget.
  • DBC’s mainnet is officially live;
  • The construction of DBC computing pool enters the technical joining up phase, a group chat has been set up for the technical joining up of each computing pool, and some of the computing pool test machines have already entered the network to participate in the test;
  • The DBC Computing Power Development Plan (preliminary version) was released and continues to solicit comments from the general co-builders;
  • DBC computing machine computing value scoring rules were completed and optimized, and released in the above mentioned plan;
  • Hardware resources of the computing pool and IDC server room resources joining up was opened, and the Galaxy Race has entered the preparation stage;
  • Computing machine configuration made updated adjustments, this adjustment is compatible with the AMD CPU entry restrictions;
  • More than 800 GPUs added to the DBC network and more than 1000 GPUs prepared to join;
  • The latest version of the hardware configuration requirements are as follows:
  • The joining up of technical service providers has begun, and more than 10 technical service companies have been selected in several central cities to solve technical problems for the computing pools lacking technical capacity.



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