DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #88 05.01–05.15

4 min readMay 17, 2021

Dear DeepBrain Chain community members,

Please see below for the latest update on the project.

I. Product Development Progress

Cloud Platform & Wallet Front-end:

  • Continuing internal test of the dbchain cloud platform testnet DBC wallet function, once the mainnet launches dbchain will support the main net wallet;
  • Carry out the verification process design and interaction page design and development of the verifier;
  • Carry out the development of the Galaxy Race data display function;
  • Conducting the design and development of the interactive interface of the new version of the open source mining pool platform;

Cloud platform Website backend:

  • Continue to develop the back-end testnet wallet creation and transfer functions of the cloud platform;
  • Optimization of the back-end functions of the open source mining pool platform;
  • Development of functions related to the virtual machine of the cloud platform;
  • Development of functions related to new versions of open source mining pools;

Distributed Computing Network:

  • KVM virtual machine function testing, including creating, deleting and updating various configuration parameters of virtual machines;
  • Continued optimization of the load performance of the computing network;
  • GPU server performance verification function development and testing;
  • KVM virtual machine production, producing different KVM images for different scenarios;

DeepBrain Chain Mainnet & Minning Function:

  • Fix the problem of ocw getting machine information and submitting it to the chain. Splitting the function of obtaining information mainly via https from the function of sending transaction submission information to the chain;
  • Modify the re-implementation of the committee assignment order function; this module realizes the function that after a machine is submitted, it is automatically assigned to the committee for validation, and after the validation is passed, the machine is added to the system;
  • Modify the partial implementation of the committee to grab an order to verify the machine function. This module realizes the function that after a machine has a problem, a report is submitted by the reporter and the committee scrambles to the order and verifies the machine information;
  • Investigate the problem of compiling into binary to report errors. The problem is mainly caused by rust compilation cache. Investigate the problem of front-end does not show/front-end account list shows locked/free amount during account transfer, the problem is caused by the current blockchain API version not fully matching with the front-end version.
  • New rpc interface, providing API interface to obtain storage through rpc;
  • Cooperate with the front-end to upgrade the web wallet, investigate and optimize the problems fed back in the test;

II. Marketing Progress

  • Accumulated more than 18,100 AI users in the DBC network as of May 16th, 2021 at 24:00 BST, continuing a steady growth;
  • Preparing for the DBC mainnet launch on May 25th in conjunction with the well-known media 8btc;
  • Preparing for the “2021 Blockchain Digital Economy Industry Conference and Distributed Storage Forum” in Shanghai in May, where Yong He ,founder of DeepBrain Chain, will give a keynote speech and receive an exclusive media interview;
  • Cooperating with a number of well-known media in the industry to promote the mainnet launch and the Galaxy Race to continuously expand DBC’s visibility and influence;
  • DeepBrain Chain Mining Pool Genesis Summit was held in Shenzhen on May 15, with more than 100 representatives of mining pools, AI customers and investors attending, all of whom gathered together to discuss the development of DeepBrain Chain computing ecosystem, the meeting was a success;

III. Ecosystem Building

  • 2,000 new GPUs added to the DBC computing network;
  • More than 80 mining pools, 1,000+ community miners registered to participate in the DBC mining;
  • DBC main net set to launch in end of May; DBC Galaxy Race is expected to open in July for 1 month with 100 million DBC reward and additional 30 million DBC for the top 5 mining pools!
  • The required mining machine configuration for the DBC GPU computing network is as follows:

4.1 GPU: 4 GPUs, 2080ti/3070/3080/3080ti/3090

4.2 Memory: 416g

4.3 CPU: SMP CPU, v3 or above, 2.5Ghz and above

4.4 Hard disk: system disk 600g (SSD), data disk 2T (mechanical hard disk)

4.5 Network bandwidth: single machine 20M or more

4.6 Independent fixed IP

4.7 Machine placed in a standard data center T3 or more

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