DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #87 04.16–04.30

  • Worked on dbchain cloud platform internal testing testnet DBC wallet function, dbchain will support the mainnet wallet after the official launch of mainnet;
  • Launched the optimized testnet dbcwallet, improving the loading speed;
  • Carried out the validator verification process design and interaction page design;
  • The overall process design of the Galaxy Race;
  • Carried out the interactive interface design of the new version of the open source mining pool platform;
  • to develop the back-end of the cloud platform testnet wallet creation and transfer functions;
  • Back-end function optimization of the open source mining pool platform;
  • Development of virtual machine related functions on the cloud platform;
  • Continue to develop KVM virtual machine functions, including creating, deleting and updating various configuration parameters of virtual machines;
  • Continue to optimize the load performance of the computing network;
  • Development of GPU server performance verification function;
  • Implementing the basic functions of online reward, verification committee module and OCW module, and improving the functional details, as well as conducting inter-functional module co-testing;
  • Splitting different modules by function and refactoring the code;
  • Cooperating with the front-end to upgrade the web wallet, investigating and optimizing the problems feedback from the tests;
  • Accumulated more than 17,800 AI users in the DBC network as of April 30th, 2021 at 24:00 BST, continuing a steady growth.
  • Attended the “2nd Global Blockchain Computing Conference” held in Chengdu on April 17–18th and the “2021 New Infrastructure Blockchain Summit” held in Chengdu on April 23–25th, giving a keynote speech and setting up an exhibition, attracting many miners to participate.
  • Held an AMA with ChainNodes under 8btc, the theme: DeepBrain Chain mainnet launching soon, opening a new journey of AI cloud computing Polka ecosystem, which achieved a warm response.
  • Held an AMA for Chinese and English communities on April 27th and April 28th from 9–11pm Beijing time respectively
  • Preparing for the “2021 Blockchain Digital Economy Industry Conference and Distributed Storage Forum” in Shanghai in May, where Yong He , founder of DeepBrain Chain, will give a keynote speech and receive an exclusive media interview.
  • 300 new GPUs added to the DBC computing network;
  • More than 30 DBC mining pools registered to participate, 500+ miner communities.
  • DBC Galaxy Race is expected to open on June 23rd for 1 month with 100 million DBC reward and additional 30 million DBC for the top 5 mining pools!
  • The required mining machine configuration for the DBC GPU computing network is as follows:



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