DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #86 04.01–04.15

  • Compressing the resources of testnet wallet and optimizing the speed of testnet wallet resolution;
  • Optimizing the wallet creation and transfer functions of the cloud platform DBC testnet;
  • Continuing to develop the API interface for supporting DBC mainnet wallet;
  • Development of the overall process from the server backend to DBC testnet;
  • KVM virtual machine functions continue to be developed, including creating, deleting and updating various configuration parameters of virtual machines;
  • Further optimization of the load performance of the computing network;
  • Building the mainnet public test testnet of DBC and instructing the supernodes to join it;
  • completing the upgrade of runtime module to substrate 3.0 and online upgrade;
  • Adding committee black and white list control;
  • Adding committee order grabbing and scoring functions;
  • Refactoring and adding testcase;
  • Basically completed the reward logic and adding penalty rules;
  • Near 17,500 DBC Network AI users were registered as of 24:00 GMT on April 15th, 2021, Beijing time. The DBC Network continues to grow steadily;
  • The DBC mainnet public test phase 2 supernode election validation is closed, and the supernode election start time is from 00:00 Beijing time on April 15th;
  • The ‘’Web 3.0 China Summit and Blockchain Distributed Storage Industry Conference’’ in Shenzhen on April 9–11th was a perfect success, and Mr. He, the founder of DeepBrain Chain, gave a keynote speech on “How to realize the large-scale implementation of blockchain technology”, which was well received by the guests. The booth of DeepBrain Chain was surrounded by a lot of visitors, many attendees were especially interested in the upcoming mining, and many guests inquired how to participate and become a mining pool or mining machine brand of the DeepBrain Chain system;
  • The founder of DeepBrain Chain was interviewed by the famous Chinese blockchain media 8btc and the article was released on the official website and APP. Read the Chinese article at:;
  • Start preparing for the ‘’2nd Global Blockchain Computing Power Conference’’ in Chengdu on April 17–18th;
  • Launched over 1,000 GPUs and more than 1,000 GPUs lined up waiting to join the DBC GPU network in April;
  • Urgently looking for GPUs to join our network for massive rewards, requirements as follow:



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