DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #80 01.01–01.15

2 min readJan 17, 2021

Dear DeepBrain Chain community members,

Please see below for the latest update on the project.

I. Product Development Progress

Latest upgrades:

1. Helped miners launch 628 GPUs on the DBC network;

2. Debugged KVM virtual machine to achieve GPU direct transmission, debug virtual machine network, using iptables + NAT mode for port forwarding, achieved virtual machine Internet access and ssh remote login function;

3. Continue to modify the substrate based web wallet;

4. Continue to develop GPU VM based scheduling engine for cloud gaming and rendering users;

5. Updated the substrate development template to the latest version, and set up a private test network for testing;

6. Added and tested the latest writing method for adding pallet, added staking pallet to the project for customization;

7. Optimized GPU acceleration for specific types of high performance computing;

II. Marketing Progress

  • Near 16,400 DBC Network AI users were registered as of 24:00 GMT on January 15th, 2021, Beijing time. The DBC Network is now focusing on enterprise users ;
  • Continue to explore GPU customers in artificial intelligence, cloud gaming, autonomous driving and other fields, while starting to investigate potential customers in genetic testing, biopharmaceuticals and other fields to continuously expand the DBC computing network application scenarios;

III. Ecosystem Building

  • Over 200 3080 and 2080ti GPU added to the DBC GPU network;
  • More than 100 GPUs lined up waiting to join the DBC GPU network;
  • Still looking for GPUs to join our network, for a monthly based lease, requirements as follow:
    3.1 GPU hardware: 2080TI/3080/3090
    3.2 RAM: 192g per GPU
    3.3 SMP CPU (above v3, AMD has priority)
    3.4 System disk 100g (SSD), data disk at least 1T (SSD) or system disk 600g (SSD), data disk 500g (HDD)
    3.5 Network bandwidth: for single machine: 20M or more, or an average of 10M between shared machines
    3.6 Independent and fixed IP
    3.7 Machine has to be placed in a standard data center

How to apply:

E-mail below information to:

Name, country, mobile, e-mail address, WeChat/Telegram, introduction on your machine (including: amount, parameters, environment and so on), picture of your machine(s)

WeChat add ID: zhouyubest

OR Telegram add ID: 18221230521

OR e-mail:,

when contacting us please add note: AI compute power.

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