DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #78 12.01–12.15

  • Helped miners launched 150 GPUs online;
  • Continue to develop mining smart contract and pledging smart contract, mining contract for different uses of GPU machines are classified, the current classification are: cloud games, high-performance computing, AI inference, AI training, graphics rendering. Different classifications of machines will yield different amount of DBC with mining, also, minimum hardware configuration requirements are added;
  • Web page function development is basically completed, server development is in progress, web back-end integration of IPFS, expected to be completed in 1–2 months and enter the testing session;
  • Continued modifications to the substrate based web wallet;
  • Based on user needs from the cloud gaming and rendering industries, developing scheduling engine based on GPU VM, VM engine using KVM, development expected to be completed in 2–3 months;
  • Conducting research on bare metal VMs based on customer requirements for cloud gaming;
  • Optimization of GPU computing efficiency for the HPC category, updated with the latest version;
  • Over 150 3080 GPU and/or 2080ti GPU added to the DBC GPU network;
  • More than 200 GPUs lined up waiting to join the DBC GPU network;
  • Still looking for GPUs to join our network, for a monthly based lease, requirements as follow:
    3.1 GPU hardware: 3080/3090
    3.2 RAM: 384g for 2GPU; 768g for 4GPU;
    3.3 SMP CPU (above v3, AMD has priority)
    3.4 System disk 100g (SSD), data disk at least 1T (SSD) or system disk 600g (SSD), data disk 500g (HDD)
    3.5 Network bandwidth: for single machine: 20M or more, or an average of 10M between shared machines
    3.6 Independent and fixed IP
    3.7 Machine has to be placed in a standard data center



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