DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #71 08.16–08.31

  • Optimized node dynamic scaling on DBC network
  • Assisted over 300 GPUs to launch online
  • Mining smart contracts under development
  • Optimizing snark dual-unit computing efficiency
  • Developing enterprise version of dbchain website
  • Upgraded deep learning mirror to support deepshare courses and paper
  • Over 14,500 DBC Network AI users were registered as of 24:00 GMT on August 31st, 2020, Beijing time. The DBC Network now focusing on serving quality users and institutions with the capacity to pay;
  • The DBC Mainchain testnet continues to be tested;
  • More collaboration with Chinese AI training institution, apart from the competition class, we are now also working with the dissertation class to recruit more users for the DBC Network;
  • Discussing collaboration with The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen on providing their students AI compute power;
  • Over 100 2080ti, 100 taitanV and 100 V100 added to the DBC GPU network;
  • More than 100 GPUs lined up waiting to join the DBC GPU network;
  • Still looking for GPUs to join our network, requirements as follow:
    3.1 GPU hardware: 4GPU 2080ti/taitanV/taitan rtx 6000
    3.2 RAM: 512g (each GPU needs to have at least 128g RAM, if it’s an 8GPU machine it needs to have 1T RAM)
    3.3 SMP CPU (above Intel 2680 v3)
    3.4 System disk 100g (SSD), data disk at least 1T (SSD) or system disk 600g (SSD), data disk 500g (HDD)
    3.5 Network bandwidth: for single machine: 30M or more, or 10 sets of machine share 200M
    3.6 Preferably an independent and fixed IP
    3.7 Machine has to be placed in a standard data center



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