DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #68 07.01–07.15

  • Helped all GPU Cloud platforms based on DBC network upgrade to the latest version;
  • Optimized Filecoin snark computing mirror;
  • Conducted multiple GPU model testing for Filecoin snark computing;
  • Optimized GPU accelerating algorithm;
  • Developing distributed cloud storage, already completed some core functions such as upload and download, once launched AI users’ data can be stored distributedly;
  • Developing DBC mining smart contract;
  • Fixed several bugs in the last version of DBChain;
  • Nearly 12,700 DBC Network AI users were registered as of 24:00 GMT on July 15th, 2020, Beijing time. The DBC Network will be even more focused on serving quality users and institutions with the capacity to pay;
  • Helped GPU cloud platforms based on DBC network upgraded to the latest DBChain version;
  • The DBC Mainchain testnet continues to be tested;
  • 44 2080ti added to the DBC GPU network;
  • More than 200 GPUs lined up waiting to join the DBC GPU network;
  • Still looking for GPUs to join our network, mainly 2080Ti GPUs:
  • Hardware:
  • Machine environment:



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