DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #66 06.01–06.15

3 min readJun 16, 2020

Dear DeepBrain Chain community members,

Please see below for the latest update on the project.

I. Product Development Progress

1.Upgraded Deep Learning mirror and the DBC network. Pre-installed opencv compiled version in mirror, greatly improved the opencv user experience;

2.Added Tsinghua as the default source of download for pip;

3.Optimized respond mechanism for AI computing network;

4.Now support cuda9 in default;

5.Added filecoin snark compute mirror, support using API to visit filecoin seal’s c1 and c2 computing;

6.Developing machine categorizing function, GPU machines will be categorized into 5 areas: ordinary AI training area, high stability AI training area, AI inference area, FileCoin computing area, SuperNodes computing area. Entering testing stage this week;

7.Developing docker migrate function;

8.Developing distributed cloud storage function;

9.Supported the launching of 2 new cloud platforms on top of DBC network: Leiphone’s AI studies association: and Mayuan:

II. Marketing Progress

1.By 24:00 June 15th, 2020, Beijing time, DBC’s GPU network has over 11,500 users. The growth has slowed down a little bit, we will now focus more on working with payer users and institutions;

2.We are collaborating with some AI training institutions, deploying the environment for their classes beforehand for their competition preparation, making it easier for students to use to improve user experience;

3.Two new cloud platforms joined the DBC GPU network, one of which is the well-known media ’s AI studies community with tens of thousands AI developers and users, website:;

4.DBC’s main chain testnet testing is still on-going;

5.Several Filecoin providers are testing DBC cloud’s GPU solution.

III. Ecosystem Building

1. 20 GPUs added to the DBC GPU network;

2. More than 100GPUs lined up waiting to join the DBC GPU network;

3.Spoken to more than 10 Filecoin mining pool brands about GPU compute power cooperation;

4.Created solutions for HD miners who want to participate in Filecoin mining;

5.If you have or know of resources regarding Filecoin mining brands or miners please get in touch, if a cooperation occurs as a result you will be rewarded;

6. Still looking for GPUs to join our network, mainly 2080Ti GPUs, and the machine(s) has to be hosted in our IDC:

Machine and environment requirement:

  • Hardwear: (CPU doesn’t have to be AMD)

GPU: 2080Ti with minimal two GPUs in a machine

RAM: at least 200G for each GPU

Hard Disk: each GPU will have at least 1T

  • Machine environment:

Internet bandwidth above 100Mbps, stable power grid

How to apply:

E-mail below information to:

Name, country, mobile, e-mail address, WeChat/Telegram, introduction on your machine (including: amount, parameters, environment and so on), picture of your machine(s)

WeChat add ID: zhouyubest

OR Telegram add ID: 18221230521

OR e-mail:,

when contacting us please add note: AI compute power.

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DeepBrain Chain is the world‘s first AI computing platform driven by blockchain. It uses blockchain technology to help AI companies save up to 70% of computing costs while protecting data privacy in AI training. Its vision is to build a “Decentralized AI Cloud Computing Platform”.

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