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DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #64 05.01–05.15

Dear DeepBrain Chain community members,

Please see below for the latest update on the project.

I. Product Development Progress

1. Added support for self-defined docker’s route;

2. Added support for the nextcloud security mechanism visiting of mining machine with own domain name;

3. Added an auto-restore mechanism for when the switching between GPU docker and CPU docker fails;

4. Added an auto-restore mechanism for when jupyter, private cloud storage ngrok disconnect;

5. Added auto-restore mechanism for when ssh, jupyter, private cloud storage abnormally stops when running;

6. Fixed the issue of jupyter GPU insert as ‘’false’’ in docker;

7. Fixed the issue of jupyter index unable to add document in nextcloud;

8. Conducting tech research and product design for DBC public cloud storage;

9. Developed and created all new tersorflow2.1, tersorflow2.0, tensorflow1.14, pytorch1.2, pytorch1.4, pytorch1.5, mxnet1.5 and mxnet1.6’s mirror, public test will be open soon;

10. Supported ten GPU cloud platform and mining pool platform to go online on top of DBC GPU network, they are:

AI image algorithm and processing platform:;
DeepMind Chinese website training platform :;
Shandong Normal University AI:;
Zone 51:;

II. Marketing Progress

1. By May 12th, 2020, 10PM Beijing time, number of e-mail addresses registered as users on DBC’s AI compute power network has reached 10,000, it’s been less than 9 months since the network launched; by May 15th, 2020, 12PM Beijing time, the size of AI users on DBC GPU network is more than 10,200 and is continuing to grow;

2. Newly launched 10 AI cloud platform on top on DBC GPU network, covering more higher education and research institutions;

3. Visited several Filecoin mining machine brand companies for conversation on future collaboration.

III. Ecosystem Building

1. More than 50 GPUs added to the DBC GPU network;

2. More than 100GPUs lined up waiting to join the DBC GPU network;

3. WE ARE LOOKING FOR any connections with Filecoin the brand or if you are a miner, as DeepBrain Chain has a GPU compute power solution for Filecoin’s minning;

4. Still looking for GPUs to join our network to meet our growing needs for compute power, mainly from Asia and Europe, details as below:

Machine and environment requirement:


GPU: 1080ti, P102 (10g memory), 2080ti, XP, P40, P4, T4, P100, V100

RAM: at least 16G for each GPU

Disk: each GPU will have at least 200G disk

Machine environment:

Internet bandwidth above 50Mbps

How to apply:

E-mail below information to:

Name, country, mobile, e-mail address, WeChat/Telegram, introduction on your machine (including: amount, parameters, environment and so on), picture of your machine(s)

WeChat add ID: zhouyubest
OR Telegram add ID: 18221230521
OR e-mail:,
when contacting us please add note: AI compute power.

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Try our product as an AI user or a GPU power provider:

Main social media platform:

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About DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain is the world‘s first AI computing platform driven by blockchain. It uses blockchain technology to help AI companies save up to 70% of computing costs while protecting data privacy in AI training. Its vision is to build a “Decentralized AI Cloud Computing Platform”.

Yours sincerely,

The DeepBrain Chain Team




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