DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #152 04.01–04.15(2024)

5 min readMay 8, 2024


Dear DeepBrain Chain community members,

Please see below for the progress we have made in the month of April 2024.

I. Product Development Progress

Distributed Computing Network:

  • Distributed AIGC network now saves successfully connected nodes for reconnection at the next startup, preventing bootstrap nodes from dying and causing user problems;
  • Added IPFS storage function;
  • Added some AIGC node connection control and query interfaces;
  • Fixed some problems in publish-subscribe mode;
  • Added the function of using secp256k1 to do asymmetric public/private key encryption and decryption to ensure that except for the receiving node, other nodes cannot decrypt the important information in the request even if they receive the request in the broadcast;
  • Added an interface for querying hardware information such as node CPU and graphics card;
  • Modification: now the bare metal rental will only be shut down once when it expires, to avoid shutting down the machines that are idle and utilized for mining in Internet cafes;
  • Repaired the problem of reporting error when the verifier inquires the machine information when the bare metal is being launched on-chain to the interrupted rental;
  • Optimized the query of bare metal machines, added power status information when querying a single machine, and hid IPMI information when there is no permission;

DeepBrain Chain Mainnet:

  • Located and solved the problem of offline DBC chain transaction building failure reported by Huobi:
    Reason of the problem: Compatibility problem between the version of substrate on the chain and the version of js client library @substrate/txwrapper-polkadot used by Huobi.
    Solution: We have communicated with Huobi to reduce the version of @substrate/txwrapper-polkadot and solved the problem.
  • Located and Solved the problem of chasing block calling substrate-api-sidecar API error reported by Huobi:
    Reason of the problem: substrate’s official substrate-api-sidecar lacks support for dbc chain.
    Solution: Modified our own substrate-api-sidecar service to add support for dbc networks.
  • The logic of execslash related to the chain has been changed to deduct the pledged tokens from the machine’s stash account as a penalty immediately after the call (original logic: the penalty is deducted after the machine is re-launched). Reason for change: some of the machines that triggered penalties are no longer online after being taken offline);
  • dbc initial pledge changed from 100,000/800¥ to 1,000/300$, if the subsequent pledge is inadequate, then rent/reward will go into the pledge as a priority; removed the Council rewards; unit test supplement for the above two requests, some bugs fixed;
  • Started research and development of dbc chain’s support of smart contract (evm(solidity)/wasm(ink!));
  • Other bugs fixed: nfts authorization call reporting errors, rentMachine call reporting errors and other issues;

II. Marketing Progress

  • The DBC computing power mainnet has been officially launched, and as of April 30th, 2024 Singapore time, the GPUs in the computing power mainnet have reached 904. Other latest data on-chain are: 10 computing pools are participating, total computing power value reached 267,046.57, these GPUs have pledged a total of 130,711,070 GPU rental rate reached 83.96%, and accumulated rental income reached 3,639,026,228 DBC, total rent burnt: 44,851,139 DBC, please refer to the official website for details:
  • On April 2nd, DBC Councilor Cherry was invited to participate in the “DeThings AMA: Night Talk 2024 Hong Kong WEB 3 Week” event, see:;
  • On April 8th, the 2024 Depin Global Intelligent Hardware Conference was held at Hong Kong Cyberport. DBC & DeepLink participated. DBC’s Japanese Councilor Felix attended and delivered a speech;
  • DBC is currently recruiting community Ambassadors from all over the world, feel free to get in touch with us and sign up;
  • On April 13th, TEAMZ WEB3/AI SUMMIT TOKYO JAPAN opened. DBC & DeepLink participated in the exhibition, and was warmly welcomed by the audience;
  • On April 13, staff from DBC & DeepLink attended TEAMZ WEB3/AI SUMMIT TOKYO JAPAN and gave talks;
  • DBC team attended the Dubai Token2049 event and introduced the DBC ecosystem to the internationalal audience;

III. Ecosystem Building

  • Continuing to push for product application in the Korean, Singaporean, Vietnam, and other markets outside of China; Korean DBC-IDC officially established and Cloud Internet Cafes are being set up;
  • In order to ensure the rental rate of your DBC computing nodes, please follow the recommended configuration and GPU model of the mainnet when launching online;

Contact information for joining the network:


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About DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain is the world’s first AI computing network powered by blockchain technology.

Our Mission: To connect global computing power, build a distributed high-performance computing power network, and construct computing power infrastructure for the era of 5G +AI.

Our Vision: Become the world’s largest computing network.

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Yours sincerely,

The DeepBrain Chain Team




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