DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #150 03.01–03.15(2024)

6 min readMar 26, 2024

Dear DeepBrain Chain community members,

Apologies for the delay of this report due to unforeseen reasons, please see below for the progress we’ve made in the first two weeks of March.

I. Product Development Progress

GPU Cloud Platform:

  • The new PC version of the DBC official website page is officially online, adding many new features, including the addition of tutorial manuals for the following wallets: DBCWallet, PolkaWallet, MathWallet, ImToken, TrustWallet, MetaMask;
  • The mobile version of DBC official website is officially online;
  • Testing and completion of NFT’s restrictions on some advanced features, such as FPS;
  • Continue to develop and test the function of Mugglepay to buy DBC;

Distributed Computing Network:

  • Continue the construction of the bootstrap node and the entire network of the distributed AIGC network as well as the communication development;
  • Continue to develop support for home GPU miner function;
  • Developed the version that supports Windows GPU node with GO language;

DeepBrain Chain Mainnet:

  • The new version of the mainnet has been submitted to the Council for approval;
  • Optimized the on-chain GPU pledge model, the initial on-chain DBC pledge is reduced to 1,000, and later rewards and rentals will go into the pledge until the total number is 100,000 DBC or $300 equivalent;
  • Continue to develop the function of short-term rental on the chain, and the rules of the machine short-term rental model are as follows:
    a. When renting, you can choose not to pledge DLC, or you can choose your own pledge multiplier (available hours * hourly rental price in equivalent DBC) * pledge multiplier, the pledge multiplier can only be 2 to 10 cubed, such as 8, 27, maximum 1,000, so the minimum is 8 times. For example, if the rental length is 10 hours and the rental price is 0.1USD, if you choose 3 times of 5, the amount of DLC to be pledged is: 10*0.1*5*5*5/DLC price. The pledge multiplier must be consistent with the previous one when increasing the length of time, and the final quantity of DLC is calculated according to the DLC price on the chain at that time. (Note: Short-term rental mode does not need to pledge DBC, but there is DBC rental income);
    b. If the CPU frequency is lower than 3500 MHZ, the machine cannot be launched on-chain. The information that needs to be submitted for the machine to be launched on-chain are: GPU model, RAM, CPU frequency, price per hour, rentable hours, pledge multiplier selected or no pledge, name of the internet cafe, number of DLCs pledged, and the range of rentable start time;

II. Marketing Progress

  • The DBC computing power mainnet has been officially launched, and as of March 15th, 2024 Singapore time, the GPUs in the computing power mainnet have reached 540. Other latest data on-chain are: 6 computing pools are participating, total computing power value reached 170,756.19, these GPUs have pledged a total of 108,855,000 GPU rental rate reached 91.66%, and accumulated rental income reached 3,626,228,483 DBC, total rent burnt: 39,366,390 DBC, please refer to the official website for details:
  • 2024 Chengdu Cloud Internet Cafe Technology Conference was successfully held in China. #DeepBrainChain and #DeepLink work closely together to drive a thriving gaming ecosystem! GPUs from #DBC are being used at scale in AI and gaming;
  • New version of the DBC mainnet will be online soon;
  • A Council proposal is voted to pass
    Proposed by: DBC-KOREA
    Date: 2024/03/12
    Amount: 21 M DBC
    Proposal topic: Downpayment for exchange listing

III. Ecosystem Building

  • Continuing to push for product application in the Korean, Singaporean, Vietnam, and other markets outside of China; Korean DBC-IDC officially established and Cloud Internet Cafes are being set up;
  • In order to ensure the rental rate of your DBC computing nodes, please follow the recommended configuration and GPU model of the mainnet when launching online;



  • Points recharge/refund testing;
  • Points reimbursement approval testing;


  • Added Points Settlement UI multi-language application;
  • Points recharge and settlement UI screen development in progress;
  • Made changes to payment and top-up UI.

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