DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #149 02.01–02.29(2024)

5 min readMar 5, 2024

Dear DeepBrain Chain community members,

Please see below for the progress we’ve made in the past month.

I. Product Development Progress

GPU Cloud Platform:

  • Development on the new version of DBC official website page, added “how to use DBC” and other functions, which contains content such as:
    - How to deploy AI cloud service platform based on DBC
    - How to become a cloud Internet cafe brand owner
    - How to become a cloud gaming all-in-one machine agent
    - How to convert AAA games into cloud games
    - How to apply for Council Treasury funding
  • Development of DBC official website mobile version;
  • Testing the limitation of NFT on some advanced functions, such as FPS, etc.;
  • Testing the function of buying DBC on Mugglepay;

Distributed Computing Network:

  • Added the configuration of switching game relative coordinates/absolute coordinates on Cloud Internet Cafe SDK;
  • Working on the bootstrap node of the distributed AIGC network and the construction of the whole network as well as communication development;
  • Continue to develop support for home GPU miner function;

DeepBrain Chain Mainnet:

  • POS node upgrade completed;
  • The new version of the chain function continues to be tested;
  • The short-term rental function on the chain is being developed, and the rules of the machine’s short-term rental mode are as follows:
    - Machines can only be rented out if they are certified and begin to be credited with online rewards, there is a list of certified wallets for certification
    - The minimum rental time is 2 hours, the maximum rental time is 24 hours, when the remaining available time is less than 1 hour, the machine will not be able to be rented out and will not be counted in the online bonus; the miner can increase the rental time at will, but each time the minimum increase is 2 hours, but the machine still can not be rented out for more than 24 hours in total
    - Miners can set their own pricing, but the original pricing cannot be less than 0.05USD per hour and the maximum pricing cannot be higher than 0.5 per hour

II. Marketing Progress

  • The DBC computing power mainnet has been officially launched, and as of February 29th, 2024 Singapore time, the GPUs in the computing power mainnet have reached 693. Other latest data on-chain are: 6 computing pools are participating, total computing power value reached 220,390.83, these GPUs have pledged a total of 124,055,000 GPU rental rate reached 50.79%, and accumulated rental income reached 3,622,215,094 DBC, total rent burnt: 37,646,366 DBC, please refer to the official website for details:
  • As an important step to develop the Japanese market, DBC Founder Feng will attend the TEAMZ WEB3/AI SUMMIT in Tokyo on 13th of April to introduce DBC’s ecosystem layout in the field of AI/Depin/Game to Japanese web3 users; (
  • On the 27th of February, Feng participated in the “Does OpenAI Sora Make AIcoin Sora?” AMA hosted by Meta Era & BitMart, and talked with users about Sora and AICoin, and the value of DBC as a GPU computing network;

III. Ecosystem Building

  • Continuing to push for product application in the Korean, Singaporean, Vietnam, and other markets outside of China; Korean DBC-IDC officially established and Cloud Internet Cafes are being set up;
  • In order to ensure the rental rate of your DBC computing nodes, please follow the recommended configuration and GPU model of the mainnet when launching online;



  • Equipment, product, rental and sales management development completed;
  • Points recharge, leasing/payment fee management development completed;


  • Completion of points recharge management;
  • Rental/payment handling fee management development in progress;


  • The Cloud Internet Cafe optimisation test is underway.

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