DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #125 12.16–12.31(2022)

3 min readDec 30, 2022

Dear DeepBrain Chain community members,

Please see below for the latest update on the project.

I. Product Development Progress

GPU Cloud Platform:

  • Optimization of DBChain single GPU rental function;
  • Optimization of the single GPU rental page of Congtu Cloud main chain;
  • Analysis of the interface design of cloud Internet cafe and cloud game;

Distributed Computing Network:

  • Collation of code and documentation for uploading diskless systems (DBC-CloudCyberCafe) for test deployment;
  • Added interface support for interrupted machines on dbc, testing new interfaces on the chain;
  • Codes are being refactored to modify the optimization;

DeepBrain Chain Mainnet:

  • Improved the interruptible rental reporting logic and added the function of having the Council submit the verification hash and verify the original value;
  • Repaired the problem of the deduction of pledge for machines that are offline for more than 10 days not changing the machine records;
  • Repaired the problem that not all the renters’ pledges are unbundled when the renting is terminated;
  • Repaired the problem of incorrectly updating machine pledges when machines are taken offline;
  • Reconstructed the interruptible update module to share the relevant data structure and processing logic;

II. Marketing Progress

  • The DBC computing power mainnet has been officially launched, and as of December 30th, 2022 Singapore time, the GPUs in the computing power mainnet have reached 2,023. Other latest data on-chain are: there are 11 computing pools participating, total computing power value reached 605,601.55, these GPUs have pledged a total of 210,635,000, GPU rental rate reached 81.31%, and accumulated rental income reached2,790,275,495DBC, please refer to the official website for details: https://galaxyrace.;
  • (1) New treasury proposal №49
    Proposer: 5FHJYkMKxr87G3r914ME1DEE1mxpHeVzQ3j8pd1sy4zSFJSP
    Date: 2022–12–19
    Budget: 7.0000M DBC
    Brief description of the proposal: DBC-KOREA applies to the national treasury for funding costs for the full-scale landing of DeepBrain Chain in the Korean Internet cafe market
    Proposal Details:
    Details on-chain:
  • (2) New treasury proposal №50
    Submitted by: 5Gv3FyFA7bFbUqqgXWXwkgCkazMaaBpfbVnwtVVRP5vgUYRs
    Date: 2022–12–21
    Budget: 9.8M DBC
    Proposal Brief: Natural Cloud Science and Natural Cloud Brain nodes apply for the return of pledged coins that were confiscated due to mishandling
    Proposal Details:
    Details on-chain:
  • Latest data of DBC on-chain:

Liquidity:3.296 B(69.4%)
Token Pledged:1.107 B(23.3%)
Other:341.965 M(7.2%)
Confirmed block height:1,662,143
Signature transactions:676,100
Holding account:20,446
Total supply:4.746B
Pledged:1.107B (23.3%)
Inflation rate:5.53%
For more data, please visit the DBC browser:

III. Ecosystem Building

  • The total number of GPUs in the mainnet is 2,023, total computing power value is at 605,601.55, with a comprehensive occupancy rate of 81.31%;
  • Current computing node number is 11, total pledged DBC amount is 210,635,000;
  • Continuing to push for product application in the Korean, Singaporean and other markets outside of China; Korean DBC-IDC officially established and Cloud Internet Cafes are being set up;
  • In order to ensure the rental rate of your DBC computing nodes, please follow the recommended configuration and GPU model of the mainnet when launching online.

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