DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #115 07.16–07.31(2022)

  • DBChain ways of creating virtual machines modified and optimized;
  • Modification of the function of the cloud platform in the browser search display;
  • Modification and optimization of Alipay payment logic, after successful payment, the page can now automatically jump to the next step;
  • New Alipay configuration-related documents added;
  • Resolved bug: Windows security group ebtables did not update the IP of the virtual machine resulting in no Internet access;
  • Optimized the end script for dbc;
  • Resolved bug: ubuntu 18.04 create Vxlan network error;
  • Resolved bug: when unable to query the machine rental status, the default status is ‘online’ and this shuts down all virtual machines. It is now changed to do nothing;
  • Optimized the sending of monitoring information;
  • When quering the network it no longer validates the wallet and session id;
  • Task id can now be passed by the front-end request to solve the problem that the front-end does not receive the id to create the virtual machine evenly;
  • Located and tested the problem that the Korean server room cannot receive multicast messages, and wrote a unit test program for multicast;
  • Resolved bug: virtual machine IP change after the Iptables did not follow the update problem;
  • Resolved bug: the host reboot after the Vxlan device is gone resulting in the virtual machine not starting;
  • Resolved bug: modified the number of Windows virtual machine graphics card after reboot can not identify the graphics card;
  • Optimized the cleanup of Vxlan networks that have not been used for a long time;
  • Tested bare metal and diskless boot environments on the intranet;
  • Development and testing of functions for renting on-chain machines by the hour;
  • Designing the function of renting the on-chain machine by a the single GPU;
  • DBC computing mainnet has been officially launched, as of July 31st, 2022 Singapore time, the latest data on the chain is: there are 18 computing pools participating, providing 1,810 GPUs, the total computing value reached 457,444.46, these GPUs pledged a total of 182,915,000 DBCs, the GPU rental rate reached 83.25%, and the accumulated rental income reached 1,409,058,976 DBCs, please refer to the official website for details:;
  • DBC Korea community is running an airdrop campaign until the end of this month, and the community has reached 20,000+ people so far;
  • (3) Referendum #10 Vote Passed
    Referendum topic: Transferring 100 million DBCs that have not been swapped to mainnet tokens to the treasury
    Voting deadline: 2022–07–23 15:08 (UTC+0)
    On-chain details:
    Voting result:
  • The total number of GPUs in the mainnet is 1,810, with a comprehensive occupancy rate of 83.25%;
  • The new GPUs in the Korean computing pool are being prepared for launch;
  • DBC network-based computing cloud platform promotion continues, we are dedicated to expanding the application of DBC computing power, to ensure the computing network’s GPU rental rate;
  • In order to ensure the rental rate of your DBC computing nodes, please follow the recommended configuration and GPU model of the mainnet when launching online.



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