DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #112 06.01–06.15(2022)

  • Modification of virtual machine disk expansion, public IP, security group functions;
  • New virtual machine-related functions and interface APIs added;
  • New user passwords and corresponding private key encryption functions added;
  • Solved the problems encountered by users during testing, with the deployment of the cloud platform;
  • Check that only the running virtual machine is checked when port is being occupied, and fixed the bug that the error is reported when the port is found to be occupied when the virtual machine is started;
  • Added the function of automatically cleaning up memory every hour when the machine is idle without a virtual machine;
  • Modified the bug that the vnc port does not take effect;
  • Studied the documentation of GPU pooling technology;
  • Emptied public IP when VMs are due to stop, so that dbc will not report an error “public ip being used” when the front-end recycling is assigned to new VMs;
  • Fixed the bug “rdp_port is empty”;
  • Implemented security group-specific IP restrictions;
  • Changed the VNC port limit from [5900,6000] to [5900,65535];
  • Modified the time to wait for other VMs to shut down when creating VMs, extending it to 20 seconds and sending broadcast notifications every 2 seconds;
  • Added some test cases to the Mainnet;
  • Used clippy for code lint and specification of code;
  • Added a reward collection script;
  • DBC computing mainnet has been officially launched, as of June 15th, 2022 Singapore time, the latest data on the chain is: there are 20 computing pools participating, providing 1,717 GPUs, the total computing value reached 405,118.98, these GPUs pledged a total of 172,915,000 DBCs, the GPU rental rate reached 84.04%, and the accumulated rental income reached 1,088,850,540 DBCs, please refer to the official website for details:
  • Feng, the founder of DBC, visited Naver Cloud, a local cloud platform in Korea;
  • DBC’s new Council held its first meeting after being elected, which discussed three main points:
  • Proposal for the elected council members to change the on-chain ID (addresses) to be consistent with the social ID for more effective communication;
  • The last council proposed to set aside 300 million DBC for the future to use on exchanges, and 250 million is still not transferred out, what’s the next step?;
  • Councilors share their work on the building on the DBC ecosystem, the summary of the meeting can be found here:
  • Feng, founder of DeepBrain Chain, at the AI Enterprise Smart Technology Exhibition in Korea;
  • According to the data on blockchain, the number of pledged DBCs on the mainnet reached 817.095 million, with a pledge rate of 18.4%, as detailed in:
  • An important referendum is currently underway on the chain: the destruction of all unexchanged tokens, and with 10 days to go, the referendum proposal will pass with only an ordinary majority;
  • The total number of GPUs in the mainnet of computing power stays 1,717, with a combined occupancy rate of 85%, the rental rent remains atble;
  • Computing power loss 8 GPUs;
  • DBC network-based computing power cloud platform continues to promote, committed to expanding the application of DBC computing power, to ensure that the computing power network GPU rental rate is stable;
  • Korea computing power cloud platform online testing, computing power deployment continues, the second half of the year will have a significant increase in the emergence of these platforms;
  • Middle East computing power promotion plan has been launched, implemented by DBC’s current computing power first computing pool DBC-global, DBC+Aleo+CCN overseas multi-mining program is being tested, interested participants can contact DBC-global.
  • In order to ensure the rental rate of your DBC computing nodes, please follow the recommended configuration and GPU model of the mainnet when launching online.



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