DBC Set to Launch Test Network as World First AI Public Chain, Pioneering Decentralized AI Infrastructure

2 min readMay 28, 2024


A Historic Leap Forward

In today’s fast-paced technological landscape and transformative technologies, DBC (DeepBrain Chain) is poised to make a historic leap forward by launching the world’s first AI public chain. This pioneering initiative represents a novel fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology, creating a decentralized AI infrastructure that promises to revolutionize the way AI is developed, deployed, and utilized.

Introducing the AI Public Chain

The AI public chain is a groundbreaking innovation that leverages blockchain’s decentralized nature to provide a secure, transparent, and efficient environment for AI operations. Unlike traditional centralized AI platforms, this new approach ensures that AI resources are distributed more equitably and accessible to a broader range of users and developers.

Key Features of DBC Decentralized AI Infrastructure

1. Smart Contracts for AI — DBC allows AI developers to issue smart contracts — self-executing agreements with the terms coded directly within. These smart contracts enable secure, automated transactions and operations involving AI models, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing reliance on intermediaries.

2. Executing AI Models on the Blockchain — One of DBC’s most innovative features is the ability to run AI models directly on the blockchain. This ensures transparency and tamper-proof operations, providing an immutable record of all actions. Such transparency is crucial for industries requiring high levels of trust and accountability.

3. Supporting Decentralized AI Projects — DBC encourages the development of decentralized AI projects by offering a comprehensive set of tools and resources. This environment is designed to foster innovation, allowing developers to create, test, and deploy cutting-edge AI solutions.

Empowering AI Developers

DBC platform is specifically designed to meet AI developers’ needs, offering numerous advantages over traditional centralized systems.

- Smart Contract Integration — Developers can automate various AI operations through smart contracts, streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency.

- Blockchain-Based AI Model Execution — Running AI models on the blockchain increases security and transparency, facilitating easier tracking and verification of AI processes.

- Collaborative Development Environment — DBC provides a community-driven platform where developers can collaborate, share knowledge, and contribute to the collective advancement of AI technology.

Invitation to Innovators

The launch of DBC AI public chain test network is a call to action for innovators, developers, and enthusiasts globally. This initiative seeks to redefine AI development by utilizing decentralization to create a more equitable and accessible ecosystem.

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