DBC Ecosystem| Haibao GPU Cloud Platform has launched and begun promoting

2 min readJul 29, 2022

Haibao GPU Cloud (https://www.haibao.io/home) is a platform providing GPU computing power. Based on DeepBrain Chain high-performance computing network, Haibao GPU Cloud commit to providing users with cost-effective GPU computing services, using DBC TOKEN for settlement. Through Haibao, users can easily use the GPU server in DeepBrain Chain, with a wide variety of GPUs at an affordable price.

At present, the platform has completed the rental of machines for many trial customers, and has completed the first formal order.

In terms of promotion, Haibao has formed a complete promotion system, established Twitter accounts, discord accounts, and held a number of activities such as 1 USD function test DBC launch, machine rental discounts, and wallet creation DBC rewards.

On the other hand, haibao also collects the email addresses on the papers of people who train models on GPUs in the academic community and sends them emails to acquire customers.

In terms of offline promotion, Haibao officially registered the company, and visited a series of rendering, cloud Internet cafes, quantitative trading, graphic design and other companies to provide corresponding machine trials.

In the future, Haibao will more actively expand the DBC ecosystem. In the short term, Haibao will focus on the operation of they Discord community. At present, they have commissioned professional promotion personnel to do promotion, and strive to expand the number of discords to 10,000 in the next two months, and at the same time to expand 1,000 DBC holders.

Haibao discord channel: https://discord.gg/Py76hjb5EV

Email: notifications@haibao.io





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