DBC Ecosystem|Cloud Platforms Development Progress Report

  1. The three computing pools are currently ranked 2nd, 4th and 14th respectively in the competition, with a total of about 700 GPUs recently uploaded, all of which are high performance GPUs such as 3080 and 3090;
  2. It will take two to three months to continue to optimize the platform experience in terms of connecting to local individual customers, so we will be ready for dual mining during this period, and we also expect Mr. Wu and Mr. He to get more overseas users for better rental rate;
  3. For the Korean Exchange(s), we are now actively preparing closely in accordance with the requirements of the exchange(s), the development of the DBC Korea community in particular is most critical, so it may take another three months or even six months to further build up our popularity, and we hope to continue to receive the attention and support of the Council.
  4. At present, two high-performance data centers have been opened, and we are going to continue to open two more, but due to the high cost, we hope to get more support in expanding users, and we also hope that the Foundation can provide additional subsidies for this current situation in Korea where there is a high investment without corresponding return for the time being.
  1. Doubled the server bandwidth to enhance the user experience of the website.
  2. Applied for the domain name of HaibaoCloudGPU.com;
  3. Pinpointed more than 20,000 email addresses of users;
  4. Targeting users with high computing power demand such as enterprises and biochemistry labs.



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