Dear community members,

The Treasury has 2 million DBCs to apply for each month from September to December 2021. In addition, this year the council can also award up to 2 gold NFT medals, 20 silver NFT medals, and 200 bronze NFT medals.

You can make proposals and apply for funding. And you can preach your proposal to the community through text, photos, live video and other methods. Council members will vote and you can get funding if your proposal is approved. Everyone is welcome to actively contribute to the DBC and participate in community self-governance!


How to apply funds from DBC Treasury for your proposal?

How to participate in Council voting? A step by step guide

First, you need to have a wallet on DBC mainnet

Here is a video guide about how to create a wallet

Open and click [Governance — Council]

Then you can get an overview of the current state of the council elections.

Dear DeepBrain Chain community members,

Please see below for the latest update on the project.

I. Product Development Progress

Cloud Platform & Wallet Front-end:

  • Validator validation machine interface optimization, error reporting judgment returns to null; machine corresponding to the validator interface updated;
  • Mailbox notification verifier submits hash, submits original value, launching online notification if machine verification is successful , machine original information interface, chain information interface;
  • Verification time conversion, the chain to obtain the block height and timestamp, to get the time period that the verifier can verify;
  • Mailbox e-mail sending test for validator function to avoid duplicate sending;


Dear DBC holder: EX has stopped supporting DBC(Neo) ahead of schedule. DBC foundation is communicating with official to extend the supporting period, but we cannot guarantee the success. Please transfer your DBC(Neo) to Kucoin Exchange and wait for swap in Kucoin. Meanwhile, We will open the manual swap channel for 60 days (Deadline: 2021/11/08). If you want to swap your DBC tokens through manual swap, please send an email to the official

How to apply funds from DBC Treasury for your proposal?

1. proposal draft

prepare your proposal draft according to the template

2. off-chain discussion

Before submitting a proposal on-chain, the proposer can discuss the proposal with the council and community members on any occasion off the chain, such as WeChat, telegram community, etc., and integrate the opinions of multiple parties to continuously improve the proposal.

Currently, DBC has established a subreddit community DBC_Council ( ) on Reddit. The community has also established a proposal discussion flair [proposal_draft discussion]. Proposers can also publish the draft to the community and add flair【proposal_draft discussion】for discussion.

3. on-chain submission

submit your proposal on

Of the beneficiary amount, at…

After a long period of preparation, the DeepBrain Chain Council began trial operation in September, and the funding source was first allocated manually by the foundation. Community members are welcome to actively participate in the election of council members and actively make proposals to promote DeepBrain Chain community governance, jointly building the world’s largest distributed high-performance computing power network.

1. The election and voting of council members are done on the mainnet (, and related tutorials will be released soon.

2. Exchanges such as Huobi/gate have completed the DBC mainnet token swap so that everyone can use the mainnet DBC…









8、DBC资金池资金用途:基础设施部署和持续运营;网络安全运营(监查服务、持续审计)、生态支持(和友好链的合作)、市场活动(广告、支付、合作)、社区活动和外展活动(meetup,pizza parties, hackerspaces)、软件开发(钱包和钱包一体化,客户端和客户端升级)等等。



Dear DBC holders:

At present, Huobi Exchange has completed the mainnet token swap of DBC. The DBC (Neo) that has been deposited on Huobi Exchange has been automatically swapped to the mainnet DBC and no longer accepts DBC (Neo) deposits.

Users who currently hold DBC (Neo) and save them in wallets should first deposit DBC (Neo) into and switch them to the mainnet DBC. After the swap is complete, you can deposit the mainnet DBC into your wallet.

If you are very unwilling to use the …







It is reported that the phase 1 of DeepBrain Chain Computing Power Galaxy Race public test has been successfully concluded, and the period of phase two is August 18th, 2021 — September 17th, 2021 Beijing time.

According to the latest on-chain data, the number of GPUs in the whole network of DeepBrain Chain has reached 876. GPU servers are located in China, Japan, Australia and other countries and regions, and the value of the GPU server assets are more than 30 million RMB. DeepBrain Chain has many nodes, which are naturally suitable for edge computing and high performance computing scenarios…


Artificial Intelligence Computing Platform Driven By Blockchain

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