#147 DBC 2023 End of Year Report (2023.12.16–2024.01.15)

13 min readJan 18, 2024

DeepBrain Chain is a decentralized, high-performance GPU computing network with unlimited scalability.

Our goal is to become the most widely used GPU computing infrastructure in the era of AI and the metaverse globally.

Dear DeepBrain Chain global community members,

2023 has concluded, let’s wrap up the progress we’ve made in the last year and look forward to what 2024 will bring.

I. Product Development Progress

GPU Cloud Platform:

  • Functionality optimization and page development:
  • Continuously optimized the cloud gaming platform to support DBC and DLC transfer functions;
  • Developed cloud internet cafe page, cloud gaming client, and NFT function page;
  • Implemented upgrades and improvements to several cloud platforms, such as Hycons Korea, XGPU AI USA, Tikeren China, etc;
  • New feature development and integration:
  • Several new features added to the on-chain wallet DBCWallet, including the NFT module;
  • Development of Go language to call substrate interface to achieve DBC and DLC related queries and transactions;
  • Implemented the automatic switching function of mongo and redis clusters;
  • Ongoing development for the cloud internet cafe SDK, including support for games such as Valorant;
  • Cloud platform related testing and deployment:
  • Build multiple testnets for NFT functionality testing;
  • Tested and optimized the automated process for collecting rewards;
  • Deployed test versions globally, including Hycons Cloud Platform in Korea and XGPU AI Cloud Platform in the US;

Distributed Computing Network:

  • Function development and optimization:
  • Developed the function of query list for bare-metal machines in DBC network;
  • Improvement of a number of features of the Cloud Internet Cafe SDK, such as microphone support, device code and authentication code management;
  • Optimized new versions of USB drivers for specific games;
  • Network maintenance and update:
  • Implemented the function of distinguishing bare-metal nodes from ordinary nodes;
  • Provided more detailed remote video rendering information data;
  • Fixed various bugs in the network, such as MAC address acquisition problems;
  • SDK and interface development:
  • Developed and upgraded the Cloud Internet Cafe SDK;
  • Provided interface services such as device binding and unbinding;
  • Completed the function of modifying IPMI parameters for DBC computing network support;

DeepBrain Chain Mainnet:

  • Functionality testing and optimization:
  • Continuous testing of RPC interfaces and new features such as NFT functionality testing;
  • Fixed multiple bugs in the testnet mainnet, e.g. treasury module bugs, election module bugs, etc;
  • Code optimization based on test results;
  • Node and module development:
  • Advanced the testing of new versions of supernodes and integrated new features of substrate;
  • Developed and tested NFT functionality, including optimization of parameters such as NFT expiry date and activation time;
  • Implemented and tested the destruction function in preparation for Council voting;
  • On-chain wallet and interface update:
  • Multiple version updates to the DBCWallet to optimize the interface and functionality, especially with regard to the Council proposal and NFT module;
  • Addition of a new link to reddit on the wallet page, as well as changes to the homepage prompt for installing plugins;
  • Implemented testing of new features for off-chain nodes, with a focus on staking, council voting, and referendums;
  • Maintenance and upgrading of the chain network:
  • Conducted compilation and testing of the new version of the testnet to ensure that the nodes function properly;
  • Updated DBC-Wiki topic dependencies to enhance accessibility and ease of use of documentation;
  • Deployment and testing of new features, such as the successful deployment of the destruction feature and the referendum;
  • Community participation and interaction:
  • Worked on driving community involvement in testing mainnet features, such as account management via testnet addresses;
  • Ongoing development and testing of optimized NFT functionality, encouraging community members to participate in testing and providing feedback;
  • Implemented a DBC-based NFT to enhance the functionality and attractiveness of the blockchain network;

In summary, DeepBrain Chain has made significant progress in 2023 in three areas: the GPU cloud platform, the distributed computing network, and the DeepBrain Chain mainnet. These achievements are not only reflected in technology development and function optimization, but also include efforts in promoting community participation and building our ecosystem. Through these advances, DeepBrain Chain has made significant strides in building a more robust and versatile blockchain network.

II. Marketing Progress

Since the transformation of DBC into DAO in 2021, the DBC Council has gradually assumed a more important role in community governance, market promotion and ecosystem expansion, while the DBC Foundation has been focusing its efforts on technology development, and the two have been tacitly cooperating in promoting the development and growth of the DBC ecosystem, and making unremitting efforts towards the goal of constructing the world’s largest distributed high-performance computing network in the era of AI+Meta Universe.

In the past year, the mainnet of DBC computing power network operated stably without a single security incident; after solving a series of technical and commercial problems, the Cloud Internet cafe business has made positive progress in many countries such as South Korea, Vietnam, mainland China, Japan, etc. Especially in South Korea, it is about to enter the stage of large-scale commercialisation and promotion, and has gained strong support from local Internet cafe industry associations and media, and it is expected to lead the revolution of the Clound Internet Cafes; the DBC’s rental fee destruction programme has been approved by the Council and the community, and is now beginning to bear fruit; at the same time, DBC has joined forces with Hua Wei Cloud, Polypon and other organisations to set up the Metaverse and Web3 alliances. The following is a compilation of some of the highlights of 2023:

  • ZEST CLOUD launched a cloud Internet cafe with the largest chain Internet cafe group in South Korea jointly in April 2023. The two will use this Internet cafe as a pilot. At present, the Internet cafe has 120 machines;
  • DBC, DeepLink and GEMS established cooperation in Vietnam’s e-sports field in May 2023, allowing players to use high-end GPUs in cloud Internet cafes on ordinary computers;
  • DBC Founder, Feng, introduced DeepBrain Chain to the Mayor of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in June, 2023;
  • DBC&DeepLink’s team attended “MARVELS HCMC 2023” in June;
  • DBC founder Feng was invited to attend the Esports 3.0 conference held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in October, to actively expand the local cloud Internet cafe market;
  • GlowStream, a Korean Cloud Internet Cafe brand, participated in the Korean Internet Cafe Conference on October 16th-17th, 2023, a grand event that brought together more than 200 Korean Internet cafes; GlowStream demonstrated the Hycon-based Cloud Internet Cafe solution at the conference. The demonstration received an enthusiastic response. This exhibition led to many cooperation signings by Internet Cafe chain stores in South Korea, injecting new vitality into the upcoming revolution in the Internet cafe industry;
  • In November, DBC official website added DBC token destruction data query function, anyone can now view the latest DBC token destruction data through the official website, https://galaxyrace.deepbrainchain.org/;
  • On November 28th, Feng and Council representatives participated in the event of the Korean Internet Cafe Cultural Association, which gathered Internet Cafe Association presidents and chain Internet cafe owners from around Korea. This event can be said to be the most important gathering in the Korean Internet Cafes industry. On the event, Hycons and HKC jointly released a Cloud Internet cafe solution based on DBC and DeepLink, many attendees showed great interest. They are not only looking forward to a seamless gaming experience but also looking forward to the transformation brought about by cloud technology. It is hoped that through this event, DBC Ecosystem’s cloud Internet cafe solution and cloud gaming one-stop-shop machine will gain wider recognition and promotion;
  • An important business meeting was held in Seoul, South Korea on December 1st. Participants included the President of the Korean IPCA Internet Cafe Association (which can propose Internet cafe policies and system design to the Korean national government), the President of the Korean Internet Cafe Association of the Seoul Region (the owner of a Korean Internet cafe chain, which has 200 franchise shops), representatives of South Korea’s Hycons cloud platform and China’s Tikren cloud gaming all-in-one machine, as well as DBC founder, Feng. The Korean Internet Cafe Association greatly appreciates and recognizes our cloud Internet cafe solution, and is planning to promote it in Internet cafes across Korea. This conference brings together software, hardware, and other Internet cafe resources, which will further accelerate the development of Korean cloud Internet cafes and cloud e-sports;
  • DBC founder Feng was invited to participate in a twitter space event hosted by HTX, with the theme: The Soul of Web3 with AI!, and introduced DBC’s vision and ecological application progress in detail to many audiences: https://x.com/HTX_Global/status/1735252209984827861?s=20
  • #DeepBrainChain & #DeepLink & TIKEREN Cloud Gaming All-in-One Strategic Co-operation launched together in Japan;

Community Proposals and Governance:

Over the past year, DBC Council members and community members have actively participated in community governance, in the Council election and put forward hundreds of proposals covering community governance and ecosystem expansion, market promotion and development, mainnet upgrading, etc. The following are some of the representative proposals that were voted on and passed by the Council:

The latest round of DBC Council election has concluded and new members of the Council has been produced, the Primary Council member is DBC-Korea https://www.dbcwallet.io/#/council;

Looking ahead to 2024, Feng, the founder of DBC, said that the project wants to achieve the following:

  • Organize 3 global ecosystem-conferences in three countries and meetups in more than 15 countries;
  • Support distributed AI big models and AI smart contracts;
  • Get listed on more CEX exchanges;
  • For the number of DeepBrainChain wallet address holdings to reaches 2 million;
  • For the number of GPUs on DeepBrainChain network in the world to exceeds 20,000;
  • To have more than 100 projects based on the DeepBrainChain ecosystem;
  • To have more than 500,000 users of AI big model service supported by DeepBrainChain;
  • To have the number of cloud internet cafes expanded to 200, serving more than 1 million hardcore gamers;
  • For DBC’s market capitalization to exceed its highest point in the past;

III. Ecosystem Building

  • Continuing to push for product application in the Korean, Singaporean, Vietnam, and other markets outside of China; Korean DBC-IDC officially established and Cloud Internet Cafes are being set up;
  • In order to ensure the rental rate of your DBC computing nodes, please follow the recommended configuration and GPU model of the mainnet when launching online;

Contact information for joining the network:

E-mail: feng@deepbrainchain.org

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