#10 DBC Council Meeting Summary 2023/02/15

2 min readFeb 20, 2023

Lee: About the process of DBC’s entry into DAO autonomy, the allocation of work between the DeepBrain Chain Foundation and the Council, and the usage of funding.


Phase I: 2017–2021 Council DAO conception and technical implementation. In this phase, we wanted to have a mechanism to guarantee and motivate the community’s participation in ecosystem building, and after some comparison, we chose to develop the mainnet on Polka substrate.

Phase 2: 2021–2022 Council set up and trial run. After the mainnet goes online in May, we started to formally implement the DAO Council mechanism, now still in the process of figuring things out and providing financial support. In addition to subsidizing the computing pool, cloud platform and NFT incentive with more than 8 million DBC was given out from August to December 2021, the foundation transferred 51% of the annual funding to the treasury from January 2022, and only kept 49% for technology research, development and maintaining the daily operation of the foundation; 100 million DBC will also be transferred to the treasury in the unconverted tokens and put under the control of the Council.

In phase 3 DAO will contribute more to the growth and sustainable operation of DeepBrain Chain.

Please see relevant docs on Wiki for details responsibilities and rights of the Council.

DBC-Korea: please see attached doc for ‘’The Council’s Communication on Mobilizing Community Members for Global Outreach’’ on how to optimize the running of the Council and the usage of the treasury. At present, two foreign language KOLs have been selected and contacted as a pilot, in which the leader of this cooperation is responsible for exploring, communicating and assisting in product landing, etc. The leader can get 10%-50% range of rewards as remuneration in this process.

Listing on exchanges:

FENG: We have successfully connected to Bitmark, which is mainly for European and American users, we are starting with ERC20, and the mainnet will come online later.

AI, VR and DeepBrain Chain

DBC-Korea: About cloud Internet cafe, we are currently testing MIniPC and diskless system, and will go to the manufacturer in Shenzhen in March for a site visit and purchase.




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